Hyperhidrosis - Treatment with Botox® Injections

Do you suffer from excessive sweating in your underarms, hands or feet? We’ve got you covered.


Hyperhidrosis - Treatment With Botox® Injections

  • Treats excessive sweating
  • Relaxes sweat glands
  • Reduces sweating during the day

How Is Hyperhidrosis Treated With Botox® Injections?

Hyperhidrosis is also called “excessive sweating”. Hyperhidrosis is not a serious disease. The best treatment for hyperhidrosis is the use of medical botulism toxin which will stop sweating by preventing nerve impulses to the glands responsible for perspiration. The most affected areas are the armpits, hands and feet.

Hyperhidrosis - Treatment With Botox® Injections

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Muscle Relaxant for Hyperhidrosis Zones of Use


Muscle Relaxant for Hyperhidrosis Zones of Use

Do you have sweat on your hands, feet or armpits due to heat, stress, anxiety or even sometimes for no particular reason? Does your perspiration last all day and is difficult to control? Do you wonder why this is happening to you?

Sweating is essential for us to function properly. We have about 3 million sweat glands in our body and most of them are in sensitive areas such as the hands, feet and armpits.

There are 2 types of sweat glands, eccrine and apocrine. The eccrine glands make up 2/3 of our sweat glands and are located mainly on the hands, feet, back, chest and face. These glands do not produce smelly sweat. They serve to regulate the temperature of our body. Apocrineglands represent 1/3 of the sweat glands. They are located in the armpits, around the nipples and anus. Apocrine sweat is made up of the same elements as eccrine sweat: mineral salts, lactic acid and water but also contains lipids (fat), pheromones, ammonia and urea which causes body odour. Bacteria on our skin break down these elements and make odours worse.

When the glands are very active, they can affect your daily activities, sometimes even disturbing people around you.

The phenomenon of perspiration may be normal and have no underlying cause. When it is aggravated by a health problem or a different phenomenon, it is possible that the perspiration becomes excessive and uncontrollable.

It is normal to sweat during physical activity, when it is hot or in the presence of fever or anxiety. The body must eliminate waste, moisturize and protect its skin from external agents.

When suffering from chronic hyperhidrosis, there is a greater risk of dehydration, as the body can evacuate up to 3L of sweat water each day. Pathologies can appear because of the abundant sweat such as heat sores, warts, mycoses, eczema and plantar warts on the feet.

A Hyperhidrosis Treatment Session in Details

Assessment and Diagnosis by the Doctor

Before receiving your treatment for excessive perspiration, the doctor will first assess whether hyperhidrosis is the cause. Subsequently, he will determine, using a questionnaire, the severity of the hyperhidrosis and the most sensitive areas.

The Treatment

The doctor will disinfect the areas to be treated and in some cases will apply iodine to find the most active areas. It is important to shave your armpits 48 hours before treatment.

The doctor will inject Botox® into the affected areas. Injections are performed in minutes without any form of anesthesia. The injection may look like a small mosquito bite. The diameter of the needle is very small and the discomfort is minimal. At the end of treatment, you are allowed to resume daily activities.

Follow-Up and Expected Effect

In the following days, there will be a decrease in perspiration in the treated areas. The effects can last between 3 to 8 months, but the average is around 6 months depending on the severity of the hyperhidrosis.

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