Vampire Face Lift with Platelet-Rich Plasma

We treat your skin by combining microneedling and the plasma in your blood.


PRP Vampire Face Lift

  • PRP contains special growth factors that promote healing responses in your skin
  • Produces new healthy cells that will replace old damaged cells.100% natural— this is your own blood.

What Is a Vampire Face Lift?

A PRP vampire facelift is the nickname given to platelet-rich plasma therapy. It has been used in medicine for several years. Today, we mostly use it to rejuvenate the skin. The secret lies in your own blood. The vampire facelift forces the body to use its own growth factors in the desired spot. How is this possible? We isolate growth factors from your own blood using a centrifuge then inject them into the desired spot.
The old technique was to use an injector gun, which isn’t the best way to do it because plasma is lost and it is only injected into the surface of the skin. At our clinic, we inject it directly into your skin through a cannula or needle. Subsequently, we use a micro pen that has little needles on the end that makes thousands of micro-perforations on the skin. Afterward, we apply your own plasma to your face. The results speak for themselves in addition to being 100% natural.

The platelet-rich plasma treatment is painless because we use a anesthetic gel which makes everything very comfortable.


Vampire Facelift - Treatable Areas


Understanding the Vampire Facelift

Platelet-rich plasma or its abbreviation PRP vampire facelift is a technique that has existed for a very long time in sports medicine, ophthalmology, orthopedics and other disciplines. The reason behind its use is its regenerative property.

In platelet-rich plasma, we find platelets that contain a high concentration of “growth factors”. What are the growth factors? These are proteins that have no relation to growth hormones. They are responsible for multiplying or decreasing the number of cells in the body. Thanks to this, we can use it to repair the damaged tissues of the body.

Aesthetic medicine uses it for the same reason; by repairing and multiplying the cells of the body, it helps to restore volume and stimulate the rejuvenation of the skin by renewing the epidermis and collagen.

The rich platelet plasma works on the basis that the body can heal itself naturally by slowing down and even reversing the aging of the skin.

By this very fact, rich platelet plasma can be used on the entire body. Also, it is the best technique to counter hair loss or help grafts take place after a hair transplant.

It is not any rich platelet plasma technology that gives the same level of concentration of growth factors. At Infinium, we use the best technologies on the market right now.

Vampire Face Lift Session in Details

Personalized Evaluation

At Infinium, we want to get to know you personally before your first treatment. Each person is unique and deserves a personalized assessment. Everyone has different expectations and needs so it is essential we advise you on the best possible treatment and cost estimate.

Taking of Photographs

It is important to take a picture before and after the treatment. Taking pictures allows us to correctly visualize the areas to be treated. In addition, it is the most effective way for you to see your results. At Infinium, your satisfaction is our priority.

Blood Sample

A specialized nurse will take either 11 ml or 22 ml of your blood.

Centrifugation of Your Blood

The centrifuge will separate platelet plasma from the red blood cells.

Adjusting the Required Concentration

We adjust the concentration of growth factors by removing platelet-rich plasma with less surface concentration.

The concentration ranges from 2 to 5 according to the zone or the condition to be treated. This gives a better result when compared to older technologies which make it possible to only obtain a concentration of 1.6 with little plasma to be injected.

Application of the Anesthetic

An anesthetic is applied to make your experience enjoyable.

The Treatment

Isolated growth factors are applied to your face. Micro perforations are made to allow their penetration. Targeted areas can also be injected directly.

After Treatment

You will have to wait 6 hours before rinsing your face. We recommend 3 or 4 sessions to give optimum results. Improvement can continue for up to 1 year following treatment.


Why Choose Infinium Clinic?

Our Consultation

Here at Infinium, each consultation consists of a complete skin analysis done with in-depth detail. With the help of our 3 step program, a unique treatment plan is designed especially for you! We are proud to offer you the best technologies and treatments available in today’s market.

We aim to provide you with the best treatment options that respect your budget. We promise to offer the best options made specifically for you.

Our Technologies

Our team of professionals is aware that it is impossible to treat all skin conditions with just one technology. This is why we have acquired over 40 technologies to ensure that you experience the best services and results.


All of our machines are approved and regulated by Health Canada and supported by studies. Our team uses the safest techniques during the injections of neuromodulators and fillers.

Our Modern Clinic

Within the beauty industry, the best results depend not only on the experts but also on the machines that are used. Today, technologies and techniques evolve extremely fast. To improve our services and results, we use the most advanced and modern machines in today’s market.

We respect your privacy. Through the use of our software system we make sure that your personal information is kept safe. After every treatment, we are always here to answer any questions that you may have, both inside and outside of office hours.

Our Team of Experts

We believe that you deserve to be taken care of. You will be both greeted and treated exclusively by our professional team of doctors and nurses that are specialized in medical aesthetics.

Our Therapeutic Protocols

Here at Infinium, we believe that getting good results shouldn’t be dependent on just one treatment. Based on the problems identified during your facial analysis, we will offer you a combination of multiple treatments that best suit your needs to provide you with the best possible results. It is possible to combine technologies with injections, pharmaceutical skincare and oral medication.

Our Services

We at Infinium are proud to offer you the experience of a lifetime. We pride ourselves in providing some of the best services in the region.

Your Satisfaction

Here at infinium, your satisfaction is our top priority. We ensure you that we will take our time to listen to your questions and follow up with you. We strive to provide excellent service every step of the way.