Skin Tightening

As you age, sagging skin can become a real problem. After the age of 25, collagen production begins to slowly decline— let us help you prevent and correct sagging skin.

Post-Treatment Results for Sagging Skin


Our Approach to Treating Sagging Skin


Consultation and analysis of your needs


Proposal of a treatment plan that will combine different treatments to meet your needs


Beginning of treatments with monitoring during and at the end of treatments to ensure its effectiveness 

What Is Sagging Skin?

Aging is the main cause of a loss of volume in the face. Over time, the facial skin becomes thinner and loses firmness. The cheeks may then begin to droop or appear hollow. The middle of the face is a good indicator of a person’s age. Indeed, a person with less dense and less firm cheeks may appear much older than their age, as well as appearing more tired than they actually are.

When there is loss of fat, muscles, bone density or even collagen, it is possible to replace these elements with filling agents. When there is sagging of the face, it is possible to restore the structure.

When the face begins to sag, jowls, nasolabial folds and puppet folds appear. In short, the oval of the face changes. Sagging of the skin must first be corrected by lifting the cheeks. To do this, hyaluronic acid is injected around the cheekbones and temples to raise the sagging areas as much as possible. Without these support points, results cannot be optimal. Once done, local improvements can be made by injecting directly into the puppet folds and nasolabial folds.

Here is a little test to get an idea of ​​what a facial enhancement could do. Take your hand and stretch your skin between your temples and your cheekbone. Do you not see an improvement in the furrows and lower face?

People who want the effect of a lift can use fillers. A soft lift can be achieved by injecting a few syringes. The results are impressive and more natural than surgery.

It is also possible to inject around the eye in order to support the eyelids and fill the hollow of dark circles.

Aging of the skin is a process that cannot be stopped and once it begins, becomes almost irreversible. Bone density changes and we lose muscle mass, fat and collagen. Our skin thins and the effect of gravity pulls it all down. It is for this reason that the cheeks fall and reverse the shape of the lips. Also, the shape of the face changes. You can see sagging skin around your chin.

This aging of the skin continues until it is no longer possible to improve its appearance without surgery. In addition, if you wait too long, even the latter will not be sufficient since it only allows to stretch the skin. It does not restore volume. The option to wait is never ideal, as the process becomes increasingly difficult to reverse.

The Aging Process on the Face, Neck and Neckline

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Our Approach

At Infinium, our priority is to properly target your needs and establish an effective treatment plan to improve the appearance of your skin. We focus on results and will advise you on the best techniques that exist. First, we will establish the state of aging of your skin and determine the causes. Following this evaluation, we will be able to offer you a treatment and maintenance plan. There is no permanent solution to the aging of the skin. The results will have to be maintained.

The way we will approach the establishment of the treatment plan depends on expectations, the age of the person, the current skin condition and what will be effective with the means that exist on the market. Often the challenge is to reconcile one’s expectations and what is actually achievable. There is no magic solution on the market. There are 3 types of people: those who seek to prevent aging by starting younger, those who wish to correct certain areas only and those who seek overall rejuvenation.

At Infinium, we have all the solutions to help you reach your goals whether you want to prevent, correct a few wrinkles or achieve complete rejuvenation.

Other than botulinum toxin injections such as Botox and volumizing agents such as Juvederm, there are all kinds of technologies and medicated creams that can correct the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin by stimulating the production of collagen. It should not be forgotten that aging is due to a progressive loss of collagen. Rejuvenation technology remains the best way to fight against premature aging of the skin. A consultation would allow us to determine the proper treatment needed specifically for your needs.


Example of solutions offered to treat sagging skin

HydraFacial MD


Chemical Peel


Fractional Skin Resurfacing with RF Microneedling


Blepharosty Without Surgery


Intense Pulsed Light Therapy


Fractional Skin Resurfacing with RF


Botox or Dysport Injections


Dermal Filler with Juvederm®, Belotero®


Vampire Face lift


TriPollar Radio Frequency for Skin Tightening